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In Toronto, a city recognized worldwide for its diversity, persons with disabilities are vastly under-represented in the workforce. This prodigious pool of talent is often entirely overlooked when employers are seeking to fill positions within their companies.

We at Link Up believe this to be a great loss to employers and job seekers with disabilities both. Every day we meet, assess and assist clients qualified across the whole range of employment disciplines. Every day we see huge potential, determination and a drive to succeed in the clients who come through our doors. Each day, in ways big and small, we strive to draw attention to this potential, determination and drive and to shine a light on the many advantages to hiring persons from within the disabled community.

Hiring of persons with disabilities makes good business sense. Our own experience and the results of numerous studies have taught us that disabled employees are often more productive, dependable and loyal than their non-disabled co-workers. They’re also more likely to remain longer in their jobs and more likely to have a real appreciation for employment. All of these are traits that directly affect the bottom line and are therefore greatly appreciated by employers.

Hiring of persons with disabilities can pay other dividends to employers. Disabled employees are keenly aware of the needs of others in the disabled community and therefore can serve as excellent resources in identifying goods and services for these customers. More and more companies are awakening to this fact and thus increasingly hiring staff to reflect the diversity in the customers they serve.

Link Up stands ready and willing to deliver a full range of services to any employer interested in hiring a person with a disability. We carefully pre-screen our clients, thoroughly evaluating their skill sets, their educational background and experience before referring them for a position. We take a good hard look at the job and then choose several candidates we feel best match that particular job. We strive to save you advertising costs, review of multiple resumes, telephone calls and interviews. We strive to save you both time and money, and to make the hiring process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

Link Up continues to offer services and supports to both employer and employee after hirings. We are able to assess for and arrange for a variety of accommodations, including modifications to workstations, provision of assistive devices, and job coaching for clients. In many cases, we are also able to help offset training costs, sometimes for several months. We are also always available as a resource, for advice, consultation and direction. We truly consider our employers our partners, and we work hard to nurture and grow those partnerships.

We at Link Up believe that employers will see what we see when they take a closer look at our organization and the clients that we represent. We invite you today to contact us and take that closer look and to move further along the road to a truly diversified workforce.


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