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Employers' Guide - From Disabilities to Possibilities
Vision / Mission

From Disabilities to Possibilities
Employers’ Guide

Table of Contents

  1. People With Disabilities: An Untapped Resource
    Basic background information on accessibility issues in the workplace and the legislation, the workplace context, and a business case for employing people with disabilities

  2. Is Your Workplace Inclusive and Accessible?
    Assessing your hiring and employment practices and work environment from a disability perspective

  3. The Inclusive Job Description
    Learn how to develop inclusive job descriptions and tap the talent pool of job-seekers with disabilities

  4. How to Recruit and Hire People With Disabilities
    Best practices in recruitment practices to attract and hire qualified people with disabilities

  5. Integrating and Retaining Employees With Disabilities in the Workplace
    How to integrate a new employee with a disability into your workplace; strategies for accommodation, performance review and promotion; occupational health and safety concerns

  6. Common Disabilities and Their Workplace Accommodations
    Information on the types of accommodations that can be used to support disabilities in the workplace

  7. The Legislation
    An overview of Ontario legislation pertaining to disability and accessibility, duty to accommodate and other aspects of disability in the workplace

  8. Communicating Effectively with People with Disabilities
    Appropriate ways to communicate and engage people with different types of disabilities in the workplace context

  9. References and Resources
    A bibliographic list of research sources and references used in the development of this guide, and lists of other resources on various aspects of disability

  10. Definitions
    Accessibility and disability-related terms and vocabulary

    Appendix – Feedback Form

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