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At Link Up, we firmly believe that all persons should be hired and promoted on the basis of their abilities alone. It is our purpose and our mission to one day bring all others to this point of view and to focus all who hire on only the skills, talents and knowledge in the job seeker who stands before them.

Link Up provides a myriad of services to persons with disabilities seeking employment. As a first step, we conduct an extensive assessment of your employment needs. We look carefully at your skills, educational background and job experience and then advise and guide you in your choice of an employment goal. Once you have established that goal, our Employment Consultants begin job searching side by side with you; calling their employer contacts in the community, marketing your skills and qualifications and assisting and supporting you in your search for an employment fit. Our assistance and support takes many shapes and forms and aims to sharpen your job search skills and further prepare you for work. Among other services, we regularly run employment-related workshops and seminars, host presentations by businesses in the community, facilitate client groups discussing employment issues and offer wide access to a variety of self-service employment resources.

Our goal is to assist you in finding employment; whether in your chosen field or in a related field, and whether in a paid position or in a temporary unpaid placement. Numerous other services and supports are available to assist and support you once you have been matched to a job. We may arrange for any of a variety of accommodations for you; from a workplace modification to an assistive device to job coach assistance. We may even be able to provide your employer with a training allowance and as such offset some of the costs associated with the start of your employment. Assistance, support and advice from Link Up continues to be available to you and your employer until you are fully trained, comfortable, and functioning well in your new job.

Link Up’s approach over the past two decades has proven to be very successful. Every year, we assist more clients and see more clients employed, promoted and be extended more and more opportunity. We see barriers lowering, doors opening and the workforce growing ever more representative. We are proud to have been a part of these changes and look forward eagerly and with real confidence that a day will come when all who look at their job applicants will look at ability, and ability only. We look forward to a day when that look is so keen and so clear that we can close our doors because our services are no longer needed.


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